FotoBridge Pricing

  • Up to 250 prints - $44.95
  • Up to 250 slides - $94.95
  • Up to 250 negatives - $109.95
  • Up to 250 feet of film - $69.95
  • Up to 5 video tapes - $129.95


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#6 - FotoBridge

FotoBridge offers scan services for photos prints and slides. Simply mail them your photos via secure shipment. They prepare, scan and perform any enhancements. The results are transferred to DVD and returned with your originals. All scanning takes place in the United States. FotoBridge offers free return shipping, quick turnaround and a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. FotoBridge also offers movie, film and video tape to digital services. We only wish they would allow you to review and only order desired scans.

  • Secure facility in the United States
  • Located in West Berlin, New Jersey
  • Offer customer service via 800 number
  • Scan your photos, prints or slides
  • Movie, film and video tapes
  • No customer review process
  • Fast turn around
  • Free return shipping
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • FotoBridge offers gift cards
  • Special offers and deals
  • Receive DVD and web-ready files